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Established in 2005, as members of the American Poolplayers Association, The8knights have grown beyond expectations and have since earned the respect of several other teams around the league. One of the first recruits, along with myself, was Kenny Cyrus. The idea of putting together a team intrigued us, so we formulated a name, joined the APA and the rest became legend. The team started out as one unit but expanded to four. We've played in several divisions and as of present, have won twelve (12) division championships and two National qualifires since our inception. In the summer of 2008, our LTC qualification earned us a trip to the National Team Championships in Las Vegas were we placed 33rd out of 357 teams. Our record, in the 9ball format, was the best in the entire state of New York. When asked, "how did you guys do it", the answer is always simple, we did it as a team.

OUR PURPOSE: By incorporating the game of billiards into the life of others through entertaining and educating, our aim is to help promote good sportsmanship, self-confidence, social interaction, fundamental skills and a positive use of leisure time.

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