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ABOUT OUR LEAGUES: Ultimately our goal is to ensure that all of our participants have a good time and to provide an environment where they can look forward to coming back to, season after season. With our current handicapping system, our leagues are structured in such a way that anyone with or without the knowledge of pool can participate and still have an equal opportunity to win. Currently, one of our more popular formats 'THE MEGA BUCKS' has taken off like a rocket. With a minimum of ten players, we guarantee an end of season payout of $500.00 to 1st, $300.00 to 2nd, $100.00 to 3rd and $100.00 to 4th place respectively. If you think that's incredible then check this out, all green fees start at only $8.00. To learn more about this league or to sign up please visit one of our locations listed below.

Current Hosting Locations for MEGA BUCKS leagues

  • Break Bar & Billiards [Astoria Queens]
  • Manhattan Base [New York - Coming Soon]
  • Brooklyn Base [New York - Coming Soon]
  • Bronx Base [New York - Coming Soon]


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