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The8knights Started off 2009 With Another Title

Going into the fall season and coming off an outstanding trip from the Local Team Championships in Vegas, T8k had no idea of what to expect next. The squad had just been revamped and now only three veteran members were on board.

On the first day of play the captain hosted a meeting with the new team which outlined all the rules and expectations of being a knight. These rules were the foundation upon which the knights were governed. These rules, if followed correctly, he explained, could turn an ordinary team into champions. And so said, so done. The knights entered the toughest division in the Brooklyn/Queens APA league and emerged as victors once again.

There were eleven teams competing in division 21/23 for 8 and 9ball and still T8k made it to the playoffs in both. Going Into the first round they would lose in 9 but remained strong in 8. They would eventually defeat two of the toughest teams in the division to earn their 8th title in the APA.

Written by: Vincent Morris


J Mack Pulls Off One For The Team

Julius Mack, also known as 'J. Mackodocious' brought home the title for his team (The8knights) on Tuesday January 27th, 2009 in the finals of the Brooklyn/Queens APA division championships at Park Slope Billiards.

"J. Mack was on fire" said one of his teammates. "He was making shots that truly defied logic".

When the finals started, Julius had no idea he would be playing. There were a lot of stronger players on the team so he assumed he would be sitting this one out.

His captain however saw it different. "J. Mack is an experienced playoff candidate and I knew going into the finals we would need him. From my experience, it takes more than just skills to perform at that level and J. Mack was one of the few on this fairly new squad who had the right formula".

Both competitors would end up on the hill but it was J. Mack who would pull off the victory that would go down as one of The8knight's greatest.

With this victory, said captain Vincent Morris, the8knights have proven once again, that a team is only as strong as its weakest player.

Written by: Vincent Morris