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On every mission a team partakes, there is always a backup plan and most importantly, a hidden secret. Garth Puckerin, AKA 'The Joking Sniper' was our secret going into the 2008 LTCs and one of the major reasons for our successful performance in the National Team Championships that followed in Vegas.

On The8knights team it's mandatory for a member to accept and elevate his/her role or position and Garth did just that. He accepted the fact that he was only a 3 and instead of complaining about the things he could not do, he instead focused his energy on strengthening the ones he could. By doing so, in a matter of months, he swiftly became one of the most productive players on the team.

When we entered into the 2008 LTCs I must admit, as the captain, I was very confident. The squad was well rounded and I had a strong player at every position.

When it finally ended and we had emerged as victors, I was certain then, going into the Nationals, that our current starting line up would be the key. I knew all the other teams would also have a plan but hey, we had the ultimate starter, a secret they would never see coming, we had, 'The Joking Sniper'.

Written by: Vincent Morris


Since becoming a member of the American Poolplayers Association in the fall of 2005, I have come to know a variety of unique teams but none so like the Let's Go Ladies AKA Sweet Distractions.
Since their inception two seasons ago, these ladies have been on a roll. They've made it to the finals on both occasions and like the8knights, have become the favorites to take it on their third try.

In addition, because the team comprises of some of the best female players in the league, they are well known and respected. With their captain Danayah Howell at the helm, they at times appear virtually unstoppable.

Going into the new season of 2009, they have not only become a force to reckon with but also an inevitable distraction.

Currently, the squad plays out of Park Slope Billiards in Brooklyn on Thursdays but are often together on other nights for practice. This high scoring, multi-skilled team has taken the APA league by storm and so far, no one seems to have an idea of how to stop them.

As they enter into the spring session almost every team in their division expect them to come out on top.
With their tenacity and immense focus, they've shown the rest of the league that they are here to stay and that they can compete on any level.
The8knights takes pride in honoring this group of extra ordinary young ladies who, with their actions, have brought a wealth of positive energy into the APA. May there be no limits to their future accomplishments and may they always remain focus, honorable and distractive.

Written by: Vincent Morris