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Kim Meyer who is arguably one of the best female players in the Brooklyn/Queens APA league today just topped off her career by elevating her skill to a level of seven (7).

Kim, three-time (ninth place) runner up in the U.S. Amateur Championships, has been competing in the sport for quite some time. Unknowing to her, a lot of other female players around the league have tried and are still trying to emulate her game.

My first encounter with Kim was at Brownstone Billiards located in Brooklyn. At the time, I never told her but she was and still is one of the best strategic players known to me.
She has an arsenal of shots and a defensive database that seem to be infinite at times.

There are only a few players in the league who have been a part of as many accomplishments as her. She has competed in many events and currently own more championship titles than almost anyone else in the entire Brooklyn/Queens APA league.

The Kim of 2009 however, wasn't always that sharp, in regards to the sport. As a matter of fact, going back to the earlier years, after joining the APA at a skill level of 3, her technique was so poor that she fell one level to that of a 2. For the seasons that followed she would work her way back up to a 3, a 4 and then eventually a 5.

At this level Kim was not very consistent and as a result she would inevitably fall back to a 4. This in turn would prove to be a blessing in disguise. She would participate in the next singles regional at her current handicap and would go on to earn her first qualification to compete in the Nationals Singles Championships at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the years that followed, Kim qualified and participated in some of the other APA's highest and most prestigious events, this included;

As one of the elite players in the league today, Kim has truly lifted the standard of play in the Brooklyn/Queens APA for females and males a like.

Whether on or off the table she always seem to project a sense of good sportsmanship and courtesy to friends and even strangers. It is for this reason why we The8knights, for 2008, have honored her as one of the APA's best female and all around player of the year.

You go girl, with your bad self.

Written By: Vincent Morris