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Morancie Earns $1,000.00 at The T8k 8-ball Tournament

Producer/Director Vincent Morris was very pleased with the outcome and overwhelming support he received for his first T8k 8-ball tournament of the year. It was a very unique event, the likes of which I've never seen and the rules, well, let's just say, your game had to do the talking.

The tournament kicked off at around 2:00pm on Sunday, March 15th, 2009 at Park Slope Billiards in Brooklyn with some of the top amateur and intermediate players from around New York City. Among the participants on hand were six times BCA National Speed Pool Champion Jason Kane, Tri-State Winner Yusuf Khan, Glen Anderson and two time Tri-State Winner Raphael Dabreo. Their turnout made for a tough field of competitors but in the end, it was Joshua Morancie who would take the title, going undefeated, and earning a payout purse of a whapping $1,000.00.

The majority of the event consisted of members from the American Poolplayers Association with skill levels ranging from 2 to 9. Before kickoff, the tournament director conducted a brief players meeting to go over the rules and regulations regarding the event.

According to some of the participants on hand, the rules for sportsmanship conduct were so rigid that almost no one in the entire room could be heard having a conversation during play and when they did, it was usually to clarify a rule, call a shot or have a ref oversee a hit.

It was an amazing experience said one player. I've never been in an event where the environment was so controlled and disciplined.

I wanted to create an event that allowed for everyone the opportunity to compete without any miss-direction or distractions, remarked Vincent Morris. In tournaments like these, there are usually some players who will go to almost any length, to win. Knowing this, I wanted to make it clear that in the T8k tournament, violators would be penalized to the fullest extent, no exceptions. We even had security on hand, in case someone had to be escorted out.

The Favorites

Jason Kane was an unstoppable force in the event and was seemingly winning his matches two times faster than any other competitor on the floor. In one astonishing match he won with a score of 14-3 in under 45 minutes. However, the grind of playing continuous matches of different skill sets finally caught up to him and was obvious during his match against Andrew Kane in the semi finals of the GROUP 'B' side of the event.

Andrew played one of the best matches I've seen to date, against Jason, arguably one of the best players to ever compete in the American Poolplayers Association. The two went head to head but in the end it was Andrew who would be the victor.

On the GROUP 'A' side of the tournament, Jessica Hinds and Joshua Morancie battled for first and a chance to compete in the overall final, which would consist of the winners of Groups 'A' and 'B', for a first place pay-out of $1,000.00.

Joshua would prove to be too much for Jessica as fatigue emerged during the final games of the match. She would fall at second, tied with Jason Kane, and Joshua would move on to meet Andrew in the finals.

The Final Match

Both competitors came out strong and for a while it appeared as if Kane, the favorite to win it all, had everything under control. The underdog in this case, Joshua, a much lower skill player, never gave up and not before long both players were head to head going into the final rounds. It would come down to one bad decision on the part of Kane that allowed his opponent the opportunity to take the match. And take it he did. Joshua Morancie defeated Andrew Kane in his first ever major event and earned himself a first place prize of $1,000.00.

T8k Tournament Results

1st Joshua Morancie - $1,000.00
2nd Andrew Kane - $400.00
3rd Jason Kane - $100.00
4th Jessica Hinds - $100.00
5th Noah Vogelman - $50.00
6th Dennis Gillyard - $50.00
7th Mark Gunnoe - $50.00
8th Joe Omole - $50.00

Note: Please check back from time to time for more upcoming events.

Written By: Spoondog