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Garth Puckerin a.k.a "The Joking Sniper" and Reiko Kato a.k.a "Pinkreirei", added a new chapter to the realm of The8knights yesterday, April 27, 2009.

For the first time in years, I had the honor of witnessing a victory that went way beyond the heights of heaven itself. The moment, frozen in time with 320 pictures, was one for the ages.

It all started two weeks ago when Garth gave me an official invitation to arguably the most important day in his life. Before accepting, I had to make sure it wasn't just a mere misunderstanding on my part or a confusion of words on his, so to be absolutely certain, I repeated the request to him. I think my exact words were, "me, come to your wedding, HELL FREAKING YEAH". Something like that.

Now unknowing to them, as always at this point, I had formulated a plan. I needed to see for myself what the Sniper and the Widow had in common and to do this, I knew I would have to infiltrate their personal domain. So when the perfect opportunity arrived, which just happened to be the weekend before the occasion, I made a request to both to stay with them for a while. Well, actually it was suppose to be for just one night but it ended up being the entire weekend.

During my stay at the now Puckerin residence my observation of the couple was that of a fairy tale. Being around Garth and Reiko reminded me why the values of love and companionship are so very important. Even when they disagree on things, they always seem to find some common ground on which to formulate a compromise. They were, and still are in a very unique way, a special couple.

The Wedding Ceremony

I haven't been to many ceremonies however, compared to the few, this in all aspects was definitely one of the best yet.

The exchanging of vows was so powerful that I had to focus extremely hard on holding back the tears. Yes boys and girls, the captain of The8knights was a softy. Just think, here before my very own eyes were two people whom, in a short time had become a very intricate part of my world. They had given freely of themselves and asked for nothing in return. The friendship they offered was so sincere, that to understand it, you would have to be a knight.

These amazing people, were in my presence, pledging to love, honor, protect and respect each other for the rest of their natural lives. Their promise was to always be there, to always listen and to always be in each other's corner. Now If that did not warrant tears then I don't know what would. Seeing that in its entirety was definitely greater than anything I had ever experienced before. They, in one bold move, had given a new meaning to the word team.

Dinner in Italy

The reception that followed was no less unique. The Puckerins and company decided to dine in Little Italy located in the midst of China Town New York. Believe it or not, we actually walked to the restaurant. Why, well, we just had the wedding of a lifetime, the weather was great and I still had over 150 more photos to take. Crazy huh?

Now when we started out to Italy, we really had no idea which restaurant we would stop at. However, as fate would have it, on our journey we came upon a common friend and he in turn directed us towards some wonderful locations.

As the evening went on and the newlyweds ate, laughed and kissed, I did what I was destined to do, point and shoot.

When it was finally over, reflections of the past along with this current event kept playing back through my mind. I could not believe that two of my very own friends (from The8knights team) had taken this wonderful step. They had created the ultimate team, they had pledged their lives to the ultimate end, they on this night who were one and two, had changed their lives by just saying, I do.

I love Them both.

Written By: Vincent Morris