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The8knights - VEGAS BOUND 2008

On The Road To Vegas

Coming off seven seasons and five divisionVincent with Allison Fisher at the Pro-Am event in Rhode Island. championships, The8knights walked into the LTCs at Park Slope Billiards in Brooklyn New York, with only one thing in mind, VEGAS. T8k had gotten close many times to earning the big ticket but could never quite pull it off. This time however, they would not be denied.

In the first round of the 9ball LTC competition, T8k blew away their opponent with a final score of 60 to 20. Keeping in mind that the fourth game was never played.

In the second round, down by 25 to 35, captain Vincent Morris took the fourth game and gave the team a lift to pull off the upset. Co-captain Allison Pierre was outstanding closing out the final game in a sudden death duel.

By the third and final round, The8knights were too much for their opponents, taking the winning average in the fourth game and earning their first LTC and a chance to compete in the National Team Championships, held annually at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Warriors - VEGAS BOUND 2008

Another Knight In Vegas

Before becoming a Warrior, William Avila, The current captain of the Warriors team, started his APA career as a Knight. After winning his first APA championship with The8knights, Will decided to move on and form his own team.

At the beginning, though the new team's name was different, the members, were basically the same. Five Knights got on board to start a ripple that would flow across the widest of ponds. In the first season, the Warriors took their first division championship.

Over the next few seasons, the members would change but the competitiveness lived on. So much so that the Warriors, with the exception of The8knights, would become the only other team in the Brooklyn/Queens APA region to earn a 2008 LTC in 9ball.

The former Knight, William Avila, took the team on his shoulders and helped them earn their first ever qualification to compete in the National Team Championships, held annually at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.