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The Road To Victory: Michael Jackson and Devon Wooden squared off in the T8k Straight Pool Finals held at Devon Wooden Ocean's8@Brownstone on July 8th, 2008.

Devon, pictured right, started out with a perfect run, taking all 14 balls in the first rack. By the 8th inning and up by 24 points, it almost appeared as if he (who's currently new to the game) would be competing alone.

But Michael would not be denied.
MJ, pictured bottom right, honed in on his experiences as a straight pool player, started taking only easy shots and played some of his best defensive strategies to date.

Before you knew it, both men were in the final rack shooting for an incredible nine points each.

At first Devon appeared to have the upper hand after MJ missed an easy shot. But with one play in, he got snookered and ended up taking a shot on a long three that cost him a point. He missed and Michael went on to win the game.

It was an incredible match, said one by stander. Another inquired immediately about joining the league. This was definitely one, for the T8k news.

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Michael JacksonT8k SP 1st Place Prize Breakdown

First Place: Michae Jackson

  • $350.00
  • Trophy - Engraved With Player's Name
  • Singles Board Entry
  • Free Registration to next league season.

    Player Quote: This was a very good league. I enjoyed all the matches and I'm looking forward to the next season. I have a special spot already picked out for my trophy

T8k SP 2nd Place Prize Breakdown

Second Place: Devon Wooden

  • $150.00
  • Plaque - Engraved With Player's Name
  • Singles Board Entry
  • Free Registration to next league season

    Player Quote:
    I had a really great time. I'm definitely on for next season.