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Revealing The Secret

To be unique is as hard as trying to predict the future, so when a story emerges about someone or something that's unlike any other, that story is definitely worth telling.
The sport of pocket billiards has been around for years and like most other sport, the concept can be applied to team.

Most people today participate in leagues like the APA and the BCA because it's an easy and convenient way to meet new people and more importantly, have fun.

However, participating on a team is not always that clear cut. Sometimes egos clash and often simple misunderstandings can be very destructive. As a matter of fact, there are many who would prefer the sport with the socializing aspect, but minus the actual culture of being on a team.

At least that's what I thought until I came across The8knights from Brooklyn, New York. The8knights are a group of individuals who currently compete in the APA league. This team since its inception in 2005/2006, has won over nine (9) division championships, competed in the National Team Championships in Las Vegas and has hosted over forty (40) different members to date.

When I asked the captain, Vincent Morris, how is it he was able to keep the idea of this team going so long, his only answer was, unity.

Every one that came onboard was selected specifically, he explained. Our concept of team unity, trust, humility and the willingness to help others improve on an off the table, had to be understood before acceptance.

I later found out that this was not a joke. The team did almost everything together. They would meet twice a week for practice and even hang out sometimes and do other things unrelated to the game itself. In short, according to Vincent, the objective was not to win every season, but to become each other's best friend. Winning would come in due time.

And so said so done, The8knights have become one of the most popular of teams in the American Poolplayers Association. They have developed a unique concept that will definitely project them for a very long time, a theme that will always cause them to stand out, UNLIKE ANY.

Written by: Spoondog

MICHAEL JACKSON - Lived August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

The Legend Who Will Never Be Forgotten

The death of Michael Jackson shocked the world in a way that will never be forgotten.

Growing up as a child there was always two main constants in my life that I truly believed, one was that my family loved me unconditionally and two, Michael Jackson would always remain the greatest recording artist ever, even in death.

His songs had a tremendous impact on my up bringing and some of the values that I still carry with me.

He taught me how to BEAT IT when times got tough and the answers weren't readily available.

He taught me not to judge others but to lead by example by starting with the MAN IN THE MIRROR.

He taught me some of the wonders of life on this planet and why it was so imperative for us to come together as a people and HEAL THE WORLD.

And in times of despair, not to panic but instead say to myself, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

As his soul goes to rest I along with many others would like to thank him for what he has done throughout the years and though his personal life may not have been perfect, we'll always remember him through the power of his songs. In our hearts, he will always remain alive.

Written by: Vincent Morris