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A Different Approach to A Wonderful League

One of the biggest buzzes in the Bronx today is the fairly new APA amateur pool league. Currently under the American Pool players Association, this new division has exploded like a bomb onto the Bronx region of New York. The league operator, Jimmy Martinez, has applied his own unique approach to making this one of, if not the most enjoyable APA divisions around the city.

From what I’ve seen and heard so far, he has gone to great lengths to ensure that all of his members receive personalized attention in regards to communication and participation. Most members remark that being a part of the Bronx APA is more like being among friends or in some cases, family.

One of the biggest things to my knowledge that has allowed this region to elevate so quickly and for Jimmy to be so great with his deliverables is the equalizer system. Simply put, regardless of skill level, any and every one has an equal opportunity to win. With that system and Mr. Martinez’s personalized touch, the Bronx APA has now arrived.

If you like playing pool or being among individuals who just want to have fun, check out the Bronx APA. I guarantee you, whatever location you sign up for, you’ll be hooked.

Formats offered range from 8ball to 9ball.

For more information on how to become a member of one of the most popular amateur pool leagues in the Bronx, please contact:

Jimmy Martinez Jr
League Operator
Tel.: 888-992-9272 x 1
Fax: 718-937-7622
FaceBook:View link here

Written by: Vincent Morris.


From 15 Inches To Incredible Lengths

Ever so often in the APA, some one comes along and does something so unique that every one has no choice but to take note. Mario Rivera, currently one of the best skill level 3s in the APA, was and currently is, one of those persons.

I remember the first time Mario came on board to the8knights. His game was that somewhat of a beginner. Always jumping up on shots, consistently shooting too hard and most of all getting nervous during competition.
During that time, the team really needed a low handicap to complement its line up and with Mario, though new to the APA, we knew we'd be on track.

In the weeks that followed I can remember working with him and watching his progress evolve at a rate that even I had not expected. We used two methods to curb his problems with jumping up and hitting too hard while at the table.

The first method involved him giving me a dollar each time he jumped up during play. This worked immediately especially when he realized how much money he would be paying out during just a single match.

The second was to play each shot with a consistent speed so that, if missed, it would not travel more than 15 inches away from the intended target. This method too, worked like a charm. In no time mario was running 5-6 balls during a match and you would always hear his team members in the back ground shouting out, 15 INCHES.

With Mario playing well at his position the team went on to win its seventh division title and during that era, qualified for the National Team Championships in Las Vegas.

Currently Mario participates as a member of the CueTechs and has lifted his game to a point where he is now one of the best at his current skill level.

Occasionally when we see each other, amongst our chatter and laughter there is always one constant, to be better at pool, sometimes all you need is a dollar and 15 inches.

Written by: Vincent Morris