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WPBA Pros and amatuers get together in Rhode Island's Pro-Am event.

The Cutec Cues U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship (held in conjunction with the Northeast Challenge)Vincent with Allison Fisher at the Pro-Am event in Rhode Island.kicked off with a media night Charity Pro-Am event on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 7 p.m. in Lincoln Rhode Island. Celebrity guests (like Vincent Morris) from around the country had an opportunity mingle and compete with some of the world's top players including: Karen Corr, England's Kelly Fisher, Kim Shaw and Sarah Ellerby, Korean Ga-Young Kim, Austrian Gerda Hofstatter, Sweden's Ewa Laurance and Helena Thornfeldt, and Americans Monica Webb, Vivian Villarreal, Jeanette Lee, Tiffany Nelson, Melissa Herndon and Jennifer Barretta. Admission to the Pro-Am was a $20 donation.

The event marked the first time the Cutec Cues U.S. Open has been hosted at a Northeast location. "The players of the WPBA were extremely excited about the move to Twin River and their newly remodeled facility," said Peg Ledman, WPBA Tour coordinator. "The new venue coupled with 7 hours of ESPN coverage made for a very exciting tournament for both the players and fans."

The total purse for the event was $110,000. The Saturday and Sunday rounds were televised on the ESPN Network. The final matchup in the tournament came down to Allison Fisher and Kelly Fisher. After a hard fight Allison was able to show why she still is the WPBA's top player.

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Allison Fisher Claims Another Title

Making this her second consecutive win this season and her fiftieth Classic Tour victory, Allison Fisher eked out a double-hill win over Kelly Fisher in the finals of the Cuetec Cues U.S. Open 9-Ball tournament. The event, which started Thursday, August 2, brought out a full 64-player field to Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI.

Making this her second consecutive win this season and her fiftieth Classic Tour victory, Allison Fisher eked out a double-hill win over Kelly Fisher in the finals of the Cuetec Cues U.S. Open 9-Ball tournament.Kim Shaw experienced some bad rolls and worse luck in her semifinal match against Kelly Fisher. Empty breaks and scratches seemed to plague her throughout, while Fisher was able to sail to the hill 6-2. Since the alternating-break format was in use, it was Shaw’s turn to break. She pocketed the 1, 2, and 3 balls but scratched into the corner. Unable to believe her luck, Fisher cleared the remaining six balls to advance to the final match.

In the second of both lopsided semifinal matches, Allison Fisher met the aggressive Ga-Young Kim. Fisher took an early lead, taking advantage of a scratch by Kim and a neat run-out of her own. Some excellent defensive play added two more racks to Fisher’s score, making it now 6-2 in her favor. A hung 1 ball in the following game narrowed the gap slightly to 6-3, but in the last rack, Fisher countered a safety by pocketing the 1 and getting into position to run out, which she did to win 7-3.

A long and tension-fraught finale unfolded as the players tried every trick they knew to trip the other up. In the 13-rack match, there was only one break and run-out, and that was by K. Fisher in the fourth game. And two games was the biggest lead anyone had throughout, when A. Fisher reached 5-3.

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K. Fisher tied the match at 5 apiece when A. Fisher came up empty on her break and then scratched off the 4 ball in the following rack. Reaching the hill after a hung-up 2 by A. Fisher, K. Fisher was so close she could taste the victory. Especially when she broke and ran out the next rack—almost. But coming off the 8 ball, the cue ball kissed off the 9 and scratched. An unsuccessful safety by K. Fisher in the final game handed the table to A. Fisher, who hooked herself on the 4 ball but kicked it in anyway. A tough leave on the 6 gave her pause, but only for a moment, and then A. Fisher dished up for the 7-6 win.