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OVERVIEW: The APA National Singles Championship is a $350,000 pay out event held annually at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This event consists of two individual singles championship formats:

  • 8-Ball: The champion in each skill level of this event receives $15,000 in cash and prizes. Total purse for this event is $250,000.
  • 9-Ball: The champion in each skill level of this event receives $10,000 in cash and prizes. Total purse for this event is $100,000.

Whoe's Eligible

APA members who are currently playing on an active 8-Ball or 9-Ball team, and have attained at least ten League match scores during the past two years in their respective format.

How To Qualify

APA members may compete on a Local Qualifier Board consisting of four to eight members with one player advancing on to the regional competition. The local entry fee for this competition starts at $15, and there is no limit on qualifying attempts. Members may also choose to participate on a much larger board, called a SPLASH which can host up to 16 players competing in a double elimination format where a competitor must win three (3) matches before they lose two (2). On this particular board, five (5) participants out of sixteen (16) advances. This cost on a splash board usually runs around $40.00. At the local level, these boards are open to players of all skill levels

What's Next After Qualification

Board winners advance regionally and nationally to one of three Tiers that corresponds with their skill level. No additional cost is associated with this event after earning a qualification from one of the local boards

Where To Qualify

The following information from here on is geared towards APA member residing in and around the New York City area. In regards to single's board, there are several APA league representatives currently conducting them on regular basis. To sign up for a 8 or 9 ball board please contact an organizer via the information below.

Contact Number 1

Local Board Organizer: Suie Ming
Telephone No: 718.123.4567
E-mail: slouie@ftlsolar.com
League: American Poolplayers Association

Contact Number 2

Local Board Organizer: Todd Wilson
Telephone No: 646.302.1175
E-mail: toddwilson80@yahoo.com
League: American Poolplayers Association

Note: Please call or E-mail in advance to reserve a spot on an upcoming board.

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