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1. How It Started
2. The Journey - On The Road
3. The Journey - In The Air
4. Day [1] August 14th, 2008
5. Day [2] August 15th, 2008
6. Day [3] August 16th, 2008
7. Day [4] August 17th, 2008
8. Day [5] August 18th, 2008
9. Day [6] August 19th, 2008


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The Qualifiers: After several tries the team was finally able to pull off the big ticket and earn a shot at one of the APA's ultimate prize, a chance to compete in Vegas. From the very beginning of the spring session, T8k had the their minds set and ready for the moment. When the time came, the team was more than a force for anyone to compete with. They won there first LTC, in the 9 ball format, and qualified for the National Team Championships in Las Vegas 2008.

Local Team Champions: June 2008

Before The Qualifiers: T8k was on a roll before earning the big ticket. As a matter of fact, the team won both the 8 and 9 ball divisions in their local area before heading into the qualifiers. Over the months leading up to the LTC, the structure of T8k would change but the basic principle of team work and good sportsmanship remained. The team went in as a unit and came out victorious but knew within their hearts, that if it were not for those knights, the ones who came and left, the ones who paved the way from the very beginning, what was accomplished would not have been possible. So to those knights who are no longer with us, many a thanks and make no mistake, this victory belongs to you.

Local Division Champions: 2007

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