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1. How It Started
2. The Journey - On The Road
3. The Journey - In The Air
4. Day [1] August 14th, 2008
5. Day [2] August 15th, 2008
6. Day [3] August 16th, 2008
7. Day [4] August 17th, 2008
8. Day [5] August 18th, 2008
9. Day [6] August 19th, 2008


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The8knights Vegas Theme: We went into each round with confidence. We went in knowing we could lose but understanding, that if we stood together as a team, if we supported and believed in each other, then know matter what, whether the chips fell our way or not, we would emerge as heroes. So like one of my favorite heroes, after each successful battle, knowing the knights needed all the support and positive boost they could get, I uttered, "TO THE BATCAVE". From our very first win those words echoed vigorously and rooted themselves into our minds and hence became our motivational theme.

A Special Thanks: Devon Wooden, who is currently one of our veteran members and who has been with us since the very beginning, was not able to make the trip to Vegas. Devon, who has on many occasions carried the team, helped us pull off the victory at the Local Team Championships this summer at Park Slope Billiards in Brooklyn. From all of us, Devon, we want you to know, that while we were in Vegas, you were greatly missed. We have officially dedicated the entire tour in your honor.

Devon Wooden


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