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The8knights would like to congratulate all of its wall of famers on their outstanding achievements. We understand that in the sport of pocket billiards, any rewarded accomplishment on any level requires true dedication and hard work. It is for that reason why this section of The8Knights.com was created. We thank all our participants for taking part.

Note: If you have any questions or comments regarding this section of our website or would like your own information to be added, please feel free to contact us.

APA Team - CueTechs
CueTechs brought their brooms with them to the div 46/47 finals at Park Slope Billiards in January of this year and boy did they sweep. Give it up for one of the current premier teams in the APA - Division champions of 2009 - CueTechs.
APA Members - Alfred Hargett & Bernardo Ashby
Captains Alfred Hargett and Bernardo Ashby celebrate their first outstanding APA victory (Division Championship) of 2009.
APA Member - Mario Rivera
Mario Rivera (currently a member of CueTechs), a former Knight, celebrates after his team swept the competition in the APA division finals - 2009.
APA Member - George Hobbs
George Hobbs adds another bling to his trophy room.
APA Member - Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis acknowledged that he was here to stay after helping his team, CueTechs, win yet another major Division championship - 2009.

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